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Mediterranean Host LTD
19 High Riggs, Edinburgh EH3 9BW, United Kingdom
Tel. +44-131-277-5209


Edinburgh - Scotland, January 2008

"Our aim is to help your business grow online. If you have a product to offer, we have the knowledge and tools to market it globally. We invite you to join™", The™ Team

The internet is an established medium for the tourism industry. Millions of people book every year their business trips and holidays online. This vast and ever growing market was, until recently, accessible only to large corporations and dominant hotel chains through dedicated IT departments and marketing companies.

We believe that using the internet to reach this global audience is fundamental to your success, no matter the size of your company. We promise to help you sell your products and services online. You need only a few simple steps. Pay nothing and yet advertise your business on the internet and enjoy the benefits of being online with!After registration, a number of free services including free advertisements in popular websites will become available to you.

Can you afford for your business not to be online?

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