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Mediterranean Host LTD
19 High Riggs, Edinburgh EH3 9BW, United Kingdom
Tel. +44-131-277-5209



dotted line is the main commercial product of Mediterranean Host Ltd. is a web tool for small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to help promote and sell their products and services online.

Take a few moments to complete a four-step registration and enjoy the following benefits...

Immediate benefits:

  • Free listing of your hotel/hostel rooms on!

  • Free virtual corporate website (learn more - see note [1])!)!

  • Free advertisments in popular Greek web portals (learn more  - see note [2]).

  • Free hotel district map for your clients and

  • Handle availability enquiries in your language!(learn more  - see note [3]).

...and soon after registration:

  • Accept secure online bookings for free (learn more  - see note [4]).
  • Let us advertise your hotel/hostel around the world for free (learn more  - see note [5]). 
  • As an associated business enjoy our complimentary services (free business cards, brochures etc).


[1] You will be provided with a customised webpage where you can upload your company's logo and description, media files (such as photos, videos etc), your contact details and determine your company's location on the mythtrips sponsored interactive map.

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[2] Your business will be listed on the website and so your company will be advertised on the internet for free!

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(3) Your potential customer completes an "availability enquiry form" provided by and you receive a telephone call or email message from us in your language. You can reply to us regarding your availability and we will answer your prospective customer in their preferred language. Remember, all these services are provided by Med Host Ltd free of charge and under a secure encrypted environment.

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[4] Our secure on-line-booking system will be available to your customers. We contact you each time someone requests a booking. You are free to accept or reject it. If you accept the booking, and only then, we charge your customer a 10% booking fee. This is our payment for all our services to you.

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[5] We know small businesses often cannot afford expensive advertising campaigns. We can help you advertise globally with minimum cost! We have the resources to do it and are based in the heart of the vibrant British travellers market.

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