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List your Hotel in Mythtrips™.com!

Mythtrips™ promise!

Mythtrips™ shakes hands with you and keeps the promise! full story...

What is Mythtrips™?

Mythtrips™ is an online platform, that allows hotel managers to sell their products online with minimum effort and maximum security. Keep your clients satisfied and attract new customers even if you don't speak foreign languages and don't have special knowledge of internet technologies!

Mythtrips™ Features

Mythtrips™ is simple and flexible. Register in a few steps and have your hotel featuring among hundreds of our other partners. Get our compimentary business cards, a virtual website and a lot more. Best of all? there are no obligations and hidden charges. All we ask you for, is an honest business relationship with us! .

100% Security for you!

Mythtrips™ offers you peace of mind! In case of a no-show reservation we will compensate you for the first night's stay (terms and conditions apply)!
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12 August 2008
More than 1500 hotels are currently online with™ Many thanks to all hotel Managers that trust us for their online business!
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